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Department of Fashion Design and Management
Clothing is an attitude toward life
Department of Fashion Design Management


Day school:  four-year bachelor’s degree program

Continuing Education Division: four-year bachelor’s degree program


1. The program is designed to combine practical and academic education, which provides occasion for students to adopt theory into practice.

2. The program offers opportunities for students to be creative, developing to their full academic potential. 


The program includes two sub-majors;accessories and home furnishings. Students must have the ability to design shoes, hats, handbags, woven products, and home furnishings and be able to complete their designs on digital equipment.

Career Opportunities

Shoe and boot designer, Handbag designer, Computer graphic designer, Accessory designer, Hat designer, Fashion trend consultant, Woven Textile designer, Textile printing designer, Whole modeling designer, Home furnishings designer, Home furnishings displaying designer.